You Must Know Some Types of This Seaweed

Now, seaweed is often used as the basic ingredients of a cuisine or content of a drug. For people who are used to eating seaweed, this makes them more practical in consuming seaweed. One of the drugs you can choose with the content of seaweed in it can be found at . By opening the website you also know the benefits you will get from taking medicines that contain seaweed.

However, did you know that seaweed has many types? Some types of seaweed are:

1. Types of Eucheuma, this species usually grow in fairly calm waters with a sandy base of sand. They are attached to a rock or rock with a depth of 1-2 meters. This type has some of the characteristics like having an irregular branch, has a red or red tanned, and has soft spikes. This type has a different carrageenan content, its content is about 54 percent to 73 percent.

2. Gracilaria type, this type can be found in the calm waters of a bay that is essentially muddy. They grow attached to the rocks at a depth of 2-5 meters. In some countries, such as Japan and Korea, seaweeds of this type have been cultivated intensively. Seaweed cultivation of this type usually works if done in the dry season when the water looks higher than it should be. After three months of planting, it usually produces 6 tons of dried seaweed with this type. Characteristic of this type is a soft body frame and has a green, red and red tends to tan.