Various heart diseases that must be avoided

The emergence of heart disease because it is caused by unhealthy lifestyles for many years. Heart health is formed due to adequate nutritional intake and undergoing external health techniques such as exercise, not smoking, not drinking alcoholic beverages and so on. That way we will be able to avoid the stressed condition, the problem of obesity and others. Meanwhile, you may also need a supplement from to keep your heart health in check.

Coronary Heart Disease – The disorders that cause oxygen and blood flow to the heart are blocked and blocked because of fat deposits in the heart arteries. This disease often attacks people who are overweight or obese.

Heart muscle disease – Is the strength and smooth function of the heart that continues to decline. Symptoms initially shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat rhythm, head often dizzy, heart pounding, swelling of the feet and easily tired

Heart failure – Is When the heart does not get enough blood flow and oxygen then the heart muscle is too weak to pump it.

Heart disease Atherosclerosis – Is thickening and hardening of the artery walls of the heart due to the accumulation of cholesterol and fat that causes the blood supply to clog.

Acute myocardial infarction – Is a heart muscle that has died from a blockage in the coronary arteries. The heart muscle is too weak to become dysfunctional.

Consistent heart failure – Is a heart that can not pump a bit of blood to be channeled to body tissues. Blood cannot walk and only the arms around the heart arteries. This condition can make the blood directly to the lungs and other body parts such as the stomach, kidney, and others.

Kardiomioti – Is a heart muscle that has been damaged so that the walls can no longer work properly when the heart is trying to pump blood. This incident has the potential to get a sudden heart attack.

Heart valve abnormalities – Is a blockage and a hole in the heart that is common in newborns. This condition is a congenital defect of the womb. Can also occur due to adverse effects of toxins that exist on drugs ever consumed.

Arrhythmia – Is an irregular heartbeat due to disorders of the vessels that deliver arousal to the heart.

Rheumatic Heart – Is a disease caused by bacteria attacks Streptococcus is the common cause of rheumatic fever which eventually causes damage to the heart valve.

Heart inflammation – Is the heart wall is infected by toxins, including a clear membrane covering the heart and parts of it.

Weak heart – Is the function of the heart muscle can not work properly because there has been a blockage of oxygen and blood to the heart can not pump blood at normal speed.