This Sea Destination Threatened With Garbage

Did you know that Indonesia is the world’s second-largest contributor of waste plastic in the world? A study reveals that Indonesia provides 3.2 million tons of plastics each month to the sea. Miris, is not it? A statement that can not be at all proud. For more details about our plastic contaminated marine oceans, you can read them at By reading the text it is expected that you and everyone can realize that the sea is not a trash can.

Indonesia’s destinations are also in danger of being damaged by the number of garbage found, the destinations are:

1. Bunaken Sea
Marine Tourism Bunaken which has been known since decades ago, is threatened by plastic waste that drifted from the bay of Manado. One thing you need to remember is, do not waste your garbage wherever you are. You will not know where the trash will be taken.

2. Pantai Karongsong
The beach is in Indramayu will be crowded with tourists if moment Lebaran arrives. But unfortunately, this beach is beginning to be filled with plastic waste.

3. Marunda Beach
This beach is in the area Cilincing, North Jakarta. Meksi is not a famous tourist beach like the beach in Bali and Jogja, we still can not throw garbage here. Moreover, plastic waste that can not decompose at a fast time.