Suicide Is a Complex Problem

Although there is no exact data, suicide is easy to find. The trick usually hangs and drop from high rise buildings or overpass. The triggers include chronic pain, forgetfulness, entangled debt, and broken romance. In general, more committed suicide by men, not knowing the economy class, occupation, intelligence level, or age group. Suicide can be done children, adolescents, young adults, and elderly. Each case of suicide is unique. The cause is not known for sure, but usually a combination of complex risk factors. Suicide cannot be simplified into a matter of faith or parenting only. Risk factors that trigger suicide can come from biological, psychological, and social factors. Therefore, it is suggested you can manage yourself to stay away from stress by joining us at

From biological factors, suicide can be triggered by genetics, impaired neurotransmitter balance in the brain that makes vulnerable to depression, or side effects of certain drugs. A person who has a family history of suicide is at greater risk of suicide. From the psychological aspect, suicide can be triggered personality threshold disorder; have severe psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar; personality likes to blame. Another trigger is self-understanding of chronic illness suffered.