Reasons to Demonstrate Your True Self!

It is a popular pretense to pretend to be someone you are not. While the short-term gains of the antics may result in a sustained relationship, the impact of long-term develops into a relationship that is nothing more than an unsatisfactory game of guessing. Are you the one who insists on getting in the picture of your spouse, or your partner is imposing what interests you. Therefore to get your identity back, it would be better if you consult with the therapist that you can find at Apart from that, here are some potential consequences of your choice to be someone who is not your true identity!

1. You will be forced to associate with people who have no interests similar to yours
There is a difference between finding new interests or pleasures, by dampening the things that show your identity just to accommodate the interests or pleasures of others. The question is, are you comfortable to do so? A circle of social partners can improve as well as reduce the quality of the new relationship. If you have tried to keep your appearance for someone, imagine the difficulties that will come when you have to portray a certain picture to the whole group.

2. You cannot progress or develop
When the impression you display is based on a fake appearance, then it will not develop. A sincere desire often acts as a springboard for other similar interests. Then where do you go? When there is no ground that supports a genuine interest, then the impression you display will be useless.