Negative Impact Of Diabetes

Increased levels of sugar in the blood at once will increase the risk of having diabetes. Based on research, diabetes that is not immediately addressed will have a negative impact and also complications on the organs in the body of the sufferer. Here are some bad effects and also complications due to diabetes:

– The higher the level of sugar in the blood the more severe the performance must be done by the kidney. As a result, the kidneys will be more easily damaged.

– Diabetes will trigger damage to the blood vessels in the eye so that the risk of vision impairment will increase. Even severe diabetes can also cause blindness.

– Diabetes will trigger nerve damage (neuropathy). That’s what causes diabetics often experience tingling or even numbness in the feet or hands.

– More at risk for skin infections. This happens because damage to skin cell tissue in diabetics is not easy to cure. This will cause ulcers/gangrene is a hard wound to be cured. In some cases, it must be overcome by the amputation.

– The immune system will also decrease. The body’s response to repair damaged tissue will also be disrupted.

– Diabetes can cause infertility. This happens because diabetes will cause erectile dysfunction in men.

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