How to clean your car’s battery

Check on the head of the battery because usually in place there is dirt or corrosion that inhibits electricity to deliver to various components. Usually, the battery head can rust due to exposure to water or can also be caused often by a dusty road. Don’t forget to also check the car battery prices if you decide to buy a new one soon.

To clean it you simply provide hot water and also a toothbrush, wash the battery head using hot water and then rub the toothbrush gently and make sure all the dirt can be lost. If it is the really clean first drain so that the remaining water that sticks does not cause the short circuit.

For those of you, car owners should know what kind of battery contained in your vehicle. In Indonesia itself there are usually two types of battery that are wet and dry, of course, the treatment is different. Dry dryers do not get special treatment but for wet batteries must always check the water conditions whether in the right line or not, if reduced immediately fill with sufficient battery water or at the maximum limit.