Get to Know the Everest Movies

After several successful trips to climb Mount Everest, Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) and his professional mountaineer team in Adventure Consultant, should return to lead a group of amateur climbers to conquer the mountain with the highest peak in the world. Among the amateur climbers in Rob’s group are Beck Weathers (Josh Brolin), a billionaire, Doug Hansen (John Hawkes), a postman who has actually climbed Everest many times, but always has to go home without ever reaching the top, John Krakauer (Michael Kelly), an author, and Yasuko Namba (Naoko Mori), a Japanese female climber who intends to make Everest the seventh peak he conquered. So, leaving the wife, Jane (Kiera Knightly), who was pregnant with her first child, Rob Hall, for the umpteenth time, set out to challenge Everest.

Starting from Nepal, the real test for Everest climbers has been waiting as soon as they arrive at the base camp, a place where mountain climbers gather from around the world. With a height of more than about five thousand meters above sea level, extremely cold temperatures, and thin oxygen, climbers are tested by the viciousness of the Everest landscape. In addition, the competition among groups of climbers who compete to conquer the highest peak in the world. Watch more of this film by visiting bioskop online through our website.