Even If You Live in South Tangerang, You must do not Know These Things!

South Tangerang which many places slang and hangout it turned out to save a lot of interesting facts. One of the facts that you can find on the South Tangerangis on the website http://www.tangselone.com. In addition, here are some things about South Tangerang that you may not know!

1. The capital of Ciputat
Apparently, this Tangsel has a capital city, namely Ciputat. South Tangerang became a city after experiencing the expansion of Tangerang district in October 2008.

2. Smart, Modern, Religious
That is the motto of the town of South Tangerang which expects its citizens to be intelligent, modern, and religious.

3. The widest and narrowest area
There are 7 districts in South Tangerang and the most extensive is Pondok Aren, which is 2,988 Ha, and the smallest area is Setu with 1,480 Ha.

4. Population
South Tangerang population is about 1,290,821 people. Surely you do not know right?

5. Have an official website
Well if you want to know more about South Tangerang, want to convey a complaint, want to know also the government in South Tangerang, then you can click www.tangerangselatankota.go.id

6. Climate
Well in South Tangerang, the air temperature is around 23.4 ° C (in October) – 34.2 ° C (in February). The average air humidity is 80.0% while the sun’s intensity is 49.0%. The highest rainfall occurred in January, which is 264.4 mm. Rainy days are highest in December with 19 days of rainy days. The average wind speed in a year is 4.9 Km / h and the average maximum speed is 38.3 Km/hr.