Drinks and Foods That Make Your Teeth Yellow

A bright smile and white teeth are certainly important to improve self-confidence. However, the increased age will make our teeth grow duller. In addition, a poor diet can also fade pearly white color and make teeth yellowing. As age ages, the surface enamel begins to erode and crack dentine, making food substances, including food color, absorbed in its direction. This is what causes the stains to stick to plaque and tartar on the teeth and eventually make the teeth to yellow.

– Sweet drinks and soda

Many brands of soda, sugary drinks, and sports drinks contain citric acid, sour sugar, and phosphoric acid, which will erode enamel in the long run, especially if you drink it without brushing or rinsing afterward. Drinks often contain caramel dyes that can cause discoloration of the teeth.

– Flavor enhancer

Soy sauce, vinegar, and sauce can also make the color of teeth change. If you use it too much in cooking, do not be surprised if you find your teeth more yellow, even if you do not smoke or drink coffee and soda.

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