Difficulties in Learning English and How to Easily Deal with it!

There are some difficulties experienced by some people, such as on pronunciation, vocabulary, and conversation. These three elements are the basis for learning English. However, some people find it difficult to apply. Therefore, all you have to do is to take an English course in a reliable place like you can find on britishlifeskills.com. Apart from that the following tips Difficulty Learning English and How to Easily Deal with it!

English pronunciation is different from other languages. There is a kind of letters that are pronounced or implied for example the letters “r” and the letter “t”. These two letters should not be pronounced clearly. Some people have difficulty in terms of pronunciation. They often make mistakes in pronunciation of letters that need to be disguised and on the same word but have different meanings

Not many people can memorize vocabulary in a short time. This is because the English vocabulary is too much, but has many meanings.

English conversations are sometimes confusing to some people. They are difficult to integrate between one of the vocabularies with the other words. Sometimes, they are wrong in interpreting words.