Comparison of FACELIFTand BOTOX for your Face Treatment

Where to do FACELIFT and BOTOX: Certainly to get optimal results and minimize the possibility of failing that it will be better if you do FACELIFT and BOTOX in Bruce K. Smith, M.D. as one of the trusted doctors to handle it. Click Website to get more information.

Things to do before FACELIFT action: Examination and measurement of face stop smoking, avoid taking aspirin, herbal supplements as it can increase bleeding. BOTOX: avoiding the consumption of anticoagulant drugs (anti-blood clotting).

The duration of the effects experienced by FACELIFT: wound healing operation on average 2 weeks. The resilience of surgery results depends on the physicality of each patient but is generally obtained 3-4 years. BOTOX: BOTOX effects begin to be felt at 5-7 days after injection. The resistance of injection effects varies depending on the number of sweat glands in the faces of each patient. The few survive about 4-6 months, while the numbers of many survive about 6-12 months.

Side effects or complications FACELIFT: Stinging incision, hemorrhage, infection, anesthesia risk, loss of hair regeneration ability at incision area, head nerve injury with nerve weakness, facial asymmetry, skin loss, foul feeling on the skin, tissue death under the skin (necrosis), fluid accumulation, pain, changes in facial contour, skin discoloration, more sensitive and swollen skin, deep venous thrombosis, heart and lung complications. There is a possibility of re-operation to correct an unsatisfactory initial outcome. BOTOX: Ptosis, nausea, fatigue, malaise, redness of the skin, pain, swelling, erythema, ecchymosis, dizziness, hypesthesia, and unwanted muscle weakness.