Avoid These Three Foods To Prevent Decreasing Body Resistance

To get a good body endurance, a person will usually train their body with exercise, many people who choose to consume herbal remedies to find a good immune system. An appropriate herbal remedy will have a good effect on the body. You can get the appropriate herbal remedy at daya tahan tubuh

In addition, there are some foods that you should avoid to prevent the body from experiencing a decrease in endurance. These foods are

1. Red Meat

These foods are a major source of saturated fats which if taken in excess can increase the risk of high cholesterol. Many people are advised to reduce the consumption of red meat as a sausage.

2. Milk Products with High Fat
Everyone is actually advised to choose milk, yogurt, cheese and other foods that contain low fat to produce immune benefits themselves.

3. Foods Containing Sugar
Eating sugar up to 8 spoons per day can reduce the ability of white blood cells to destroy germs up to 40 percent.