3 Ways to keep your air conditioner in its good shape

For those of you who are still looking at the AC, you’ll want to look at the type of air conditioner and the specifications you need. You definitely need the size of the room to determine Paardekracht (PK) or the power possessed by this air conditioner. Oh yes, we also have launched the price of AC based on its PK for you. After you buy the air conditioner, of course, you want the goods to remain durable, right? Keeping the duration will avoid you spending enough money to fix the damaged air conditioner. Want to know how to keep the air conditioner longer? Come on, let’s see! Meanwhile, you can also visit airconservicingsingapore.com/ if you wish to get the best air conditioner repair service near you.

3 Ways to Take Care of AC at Home To Stay Awake:

1. Before you buy the air conditioner, it’s good you know the size of PaardeKracht (PK) AC. You also need to know the size of the room to be adjusted to the size of the AC PK. Sepulsa has previously discussed PK calculations in AC, you can see the details on the link. If the PK size is too bigger than the size of the room then the air conditioner will feel too cold. Conversely, if the PK is too small than the size of the room then the air conditioner will feel a bit cold and the engine will work hard to cool the room. Therefore you should know the appropriate PK size for your room.

2. If turn on the air conditioner try to keep the room closed tightly. This is intended for the air conditioner not to work too hard to cool the room and the room was cool.

3. If you want to travel you should turn off the air conditioner. Besides you save energy, you also save money spending.